Positive Youth Expressions, Inc. Educational Institute

Leaders Today, Tomorrow, Forever

To encourage and empower children, youth and families to seek excellence in body, soul and spirit by providing formal and informal educational experiences, outreach services and resources through our collaborating with community organizations, businesses, and local, state and federal government agencies.


Member of the Board of Directors

Bishop Dr. Victor Folks has spent over twenty five years helping youth in areas of spiritual growth and insight. He has given much time and talent to P.Y.E. since 1995. He works beside the Foundress/President ensuring the organization's growth and financial status. He is faithful and truly loyal to the Board of Directors. We are very proud to have him as a Board member and overseer of P.Y.E., Inc.


Greater Church of The Risen Savior and Ministries is located at 5615 The Alameda, Baltimore, MD  21239

Bishop elect Victor Folks and Dr. Denise Folks serves as Senior Founding Pastors. A picture of the church grounds are below. Call 410-323-4175 for your spiritual needs.